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Friday, March 25th, 2011

Neovoyage is proud to announced its 2011 photography tours of all levels of photographers. Each tour is an opportunity to explore and experience the world at its full photographic potential. Planned with photography in mind, Neovoyage brings you to fascinating places when the light is best and at the height of activity.

This summer, photographers will embark on a fascinating journey across the Andes of Ecuador to explore one of the most diverse places on Earth. The 14-day Ecuador photography tour follows a path lined with volcanic peaks between two UNESCO world heritage sites. Along the way, the group will explore Inca ruins, observe an active volcano, photograph high-altitude landscape, experience colorful indigenous markets, trek cloud-forest reserves hosting orchids, hummingbirds and much more.

In the fall, photographers will visit the remnants of mysterious cultures like the Chimu and the Nasca along the Peruvian coast. The 11-day Peru photography tour takes photographers to places less touched by tourists where Peru shows its more authentic side as colonial towns coexist with ruins still being excavated. Stops include Chan Chan, the world's largest adobe city, and Trujillo, a colonial gem with unique architecture. More highlights include sunset from one of the world's highest sand dune, a red-sand beach, desert and wine-country landscape and a flight over the famous Nasca lines.

All tour itineraries are designed to fill your senses with a wide variety of subjects, touching places that are truly photogenic. Neovoyage takes care of planning and logistics so that you can fully focus on photography and enjoy the journey.

For more information and to sign up for this amazing photographic journey, visit More such tours are in the works, all centered around delivering unique photographic journeys filled with wonderful opportunities in amazing places. Questions, comments and suggestions should be directed to


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