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Thursday January 28th, 2010

Introducing Neovoyage, a site that takes photographers to places full of life, wonder and beauty. From remote wilderness to remains of ancient civilization to distinguished modern cities, Neovoyage brings people on amazing tours centered around photography. Brought to you by Cybernium, the publishers of Neocamera, Neovovage focuses on a single purpose, to let photographers do what they enjoy while taking care of the logistics, planning and research needed to find the most photogenic sites and to be there when photo opportunities are among their best.

Neovoyage tours are an opportunity to explore and experience new places at their full photographic potential. They are designed to fill your senses with a wide variety of subjects and to bring you there when the light is best and at the height activity when appropriate. Each tour is planned from the ground up with photography in mind, touching places that are unique and  truly photogenic. To maximize the intensity of the group's experiences, timing is a key factor in tour schedules. The time of the year, day of the week and time of day are all carefully selected so that chances of agreeable weather are high, events are at their liveliest and light enhances photographic potential.

Photographers are aware of the importance of knowing a place in order to tap into the most photogenic opportunities. This is why so many famous photographers regularly return to certain places and produce their best work as they get to know the place. With Neovoyage, that knowledge is woven into tour itineraries so that travelers are free to see more of the world and bring back amazing photographs with each photography tour.

As part of the launch, Neovoyage has prepared an amazing 2 week journey to Ecuador, one of the most diverse places on Earth. A land of breathtaking landscapes, amazing wildlife and every-changing scenery, Ecuador has a variety of subjects for every type of photography. Its density and dramatic landscape provide variety over short distances where one can go from ice-capped volcanos to deserted beaches or tropical rain-forest in a matter of hours.

The first Neovoyage follows the central Ecuadorian Andes in mostly comfortable to cool high-altitude climate. Photographers on this journey will visit two UNESCO world heritage sites and several protected reserves with astounding wildlife. Photogenic subjects will abound as we travel through colonial cities, cloud-forests, valleys, volcanoes, ancient Inca ruins, high-altitude paramo and indigenous villages with bewilderingly colorful markets. The itinerary will be a small group of 6 to 10 people to each place at its most photogenic time. From there, photographic potential is truly unlimited. To keep the pace under control, there will be some free time in areas of diversity and the opportunity to improvise as we soak in the surroundings. We may even have the incredible opportunity to see an active volcano from an adjacent mountain as we visit a valley famous for thermal waters and waterfalls.

For more information and to sign up for this amazing photographic journey, visit More such tours are in the works, all centered around delivering unique photographic journeys filled with wonderful opportunities in amazing places. Questions, comments and suggestions should be directed to


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