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Neovoyage's photography tours are a new way to travel, where every place abounds with photogenic opportunities and photographers are always in the right place at the right time. Photography is a universal language for sharing experiences and memories, yet the fine art of photography takes time, planning, handling logistics and research. Neovoyage takes care of all that so that traveling photographers can focus on producing dazzling images.

Neovoyage tours are an opportunity to explore and experience new places at their full photographic potential. They are designed to fill your senses with a wide variety of subjects and to bring you there when the light is best and at the height of activity when applicable. Each tour is planned from the ground up with photography in mind, touching places that are unique and truly photogenic. To maximize the intensity of the group's experiences, timing is a key factor in tour schedules. The time of the year, day of the week and time of day are all carefully selected so that chances of agreeable weather are high, events are at their liveliest and light enhances photographic potential.

Photographers are aware of the importance of knowing a place in order to tap into the most photogenic opportunities. This is why so many famous photographers regularly return to certain places and produce their best work as they get to know the place. With Neovoyage, that knowledge is woven into tour itineraries so that travelers are free to see more of the world and bring back amazing photographs with each photography tour.

Tours are conducted by fine-art photographer and photography educator Itai Danan. His online gallery is found at Neoluminance. He also regularly teaches photography in Montreal at Photo Service. As tours rather than workshops, there is no formal teaching planned but advice and help are freely dispensed during tours, in English, French or Spanish. Specific information and suggested photography gear is shared before each trip. People looking for general digital camera and lens buying advice should visit Neocamera.

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Traveling has always been my passion. The experiences that fill my senses and teach me about the world never cease to excite me. They are part of me and the joy they bring only makes me want to explore and experience more. Photography captured my heart when I discovered that it is the best way to share the beauty of the world.

Once, I remember coming back from a long voyage and, after showing my photographs, I mentioned it was a trip of a lifetime for me. The first thing I heard back was “It was for me too” and that is the power of photography. Since then I photograph wherever I go.

With Neovoyage, it goes beyond that. We can share the actual place among photographers. So, join me on a Neovoyage to some of the most beautiful and diverse places on the planet, to explore, experience and expand your horizons!

Itai Danan